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About us

The history of the Department of Algebra and Geometry of Faculty of Science of Palacký University follows a long-term tradition of the tuition of Mathematics which began as early as at Jesuit University of Olomouc back in 1579.

The first institution established after the renewal of the university in Olomouc in 1946 was the Institute of Mathematics at Faculty of Pedagogy and at Science Biennium; later in 1952, the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at Faculty of Pedagogy of Palacký University was established. In 1953, independent Department of Mathematics lead by Prof. J. Metelka was established at the newly founded Institute of Pedagogy which, after the establishment of Faculty of Science of Palacký University, was divided into Departments of Algebra a Geometry, Mathematical Analysis and Methodology of Mathematics and Elementary Mathematics. The Department of Theoretical Cybernetics and Mathematical Informatics was separated from the Department of Algebra and Geometry in 1970s; on the contrary, the Department of Methodology of Mathematics and Elementary Mathematics became its part back in 1989.

At present, the Department of Algebra and Geometry at Faculty of Science of Palacký University guarantees Bachelor and subsequent Master Programme of study of Mathematics and analogical forms of studies of descriptive geometry. Moreover, the Department ensures Bachelor and Follow Up Master Programme of Discrete Mathematics; last but not least, the Department provides accredited Doctoral Programme with the opportunity to defend the thesis in the specialisations of Algebra and Geometry and Didactics of Mathematics.

Head of the Department: Prof. Mgr. Radomír Halaš, DrSc.,
Deputy Head: Prof. RNDr. Jiří Rachůnek, DrSc.,
Administration Officer: RNDr. Lenka Juklová, Ph.D.

The Department is divided intothree sections

  • Section of Algebra (Head: Prof. RNDr. Ivan Chajda, DrSc.)
  • Section of Geometry (Head: Prof. RNDr. Josef Mikeš, DrSc.)
  • Section of Didactics of Mathematics (Head: Prof. RNDr. Josef Molnár, CSc.)

In total, there are 15 tutors at the Department, out of which 5 professors and 3 associate professors.

Department of Algebra and Geometry, 17. listopadu 12, 779 00 Olomouc
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